This is general information to be displayed after start in the 4 quadrants More labels may be added _!_EXT
Full record displays
For display of single object descriptions (records).
Use F5 to toggle between (OPAC) display and interna format of record (with field tags).

This area shows full displays of single records. F5 toggles between the external form and the internal (tagged) one. _!_HLP

Help texts

Only in the tablet and smartphone versions. In the PC version, text will go to the INF quadrant (upper right)

Area for help texts and definitions. This exists only in the interfaces for Tablets and Smartphones. In the PC version, HELP contents are shown in the Info quadrant.

Menus and input forms etc.
This field may be used for all sorts of purposes.


Result lists
Enter search terms or commands into the red frame, see Help for searching.
This area will then show the result listing.


Index browse
Browsing in alphabetic index listings.
The index shows ordered lists of search terms. Click on any of them to see the corresponding records.

Internal (tagged) format of the record
(The form as actually stored in the database)

This space shows the current record in its internal format. Switch back to the external format with button F5. _!_MESallegro-B © 2017 _!_ERR error mess. appear here